Vikram E. Chhatre
Population Genomics & Bioinformatics


Undergraduate research training is a significant component of the Wyoming INBRE program. Since 2018, several undergraduates have worked with me on a variety of computational projects.

Benjamin Romanjenko


Benjamin is a currently a sophomore with Microbiology major. He is developing a bioinformatics data analysis skill set. Ben will be supported by a INBRE summer fellowship in 2019.

Cailin Deiter

Cailin is a senior Neuroscience major who is primarily working with Dr. Jonathan Fox. Her project involves computationally searching for infectious viruses within the transcriptomes of deceased host animals such as dogs and horses. Cailin will graduate in spring 2019 and is currently applying to graduate programs in genetic counselling.

Jelard Aquino


Jelard is a senior undergraduate majoring in Physiology expected to be gradauting during spring 2019. He holds a transition scholarship from Wyoming INBRE and the McNair scholarship. Jelard completed a bioinformatics research project with me that involved analyzing RNAseq data from published studies to gain a greater insight into the data using newly developed computational tools.

He was recently awarded a Smithsonian internship to work on speciation genomics of butterflies.

Asia Williams

Asia Williams

Asia worked on analyzing a National Immunization data set obtained from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to understand the immunization statistics within in the lower 48 states. She leveraged her knowledge of the R programming language to understand the patterns of immunization across various age groups using this data. Asia graduated in fall 2018 and is currently working as a dentist’s assitant. She plans to attend dental school in the coming year.